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Terms of Service

Acceptance Of Terms of Service
By using UnaVisions services or creating and owning a login account or accounts, subjects you to the following Terms of Service that may be changed or updated by UnaVisions from time to time without informing you. It is your duty as a user of our services to review our Terms of Service regularly. To use or sign up for Unavisions services, a user must be at least 13 years old.

Login and Security
Users create UnaVisions account(s) by registering, which includes designating a login name and password. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under that password. Users agree to immediately notify UnaVisions of any unauthorized use of their passwords or accounts, or any other breach of security. UnaVisions is not liable for any loss or damage arising from users' failure to comply with this section

Limitation of liability
Users who create posts or advertise and sell on UnaVisions services bear any and all risk of reliance on the accuracy, validity or legitimacy of content they post or permit to be posted. UnaVisions is not responsible for any problems that may occur from accuracy, content, reading or using content posted on UnaVisions, as they are the exclusive responsibility of other parties. Note that other parties may hold users legally accountable for material they post.

Prohibition of Content
UnaVisions prohibits content or links to content that contain(s) the following:

  • Nudity, sex, pornography, and/or excessive profanity.
  • Adult services.
  • Material that violates or solicits the violation of any applicable local, state or province, national or international law.
  • Viruses, hacking or other harmful computer software programs.
  • Unauthorized use or distribution of copyrighted material(s).
  • Mail fraud and pyramid schemes.
  • Hatred and racism of any kind.
  • Any other material that may be deemed by UnaVisions to be libelous or offensive to another individual or organization.
  • Information that infringes upon privacy rights, such as specific addresses, phone numbers, or credit card numbers.
  • Any content that is in violation of the terms provided by UnaVisions

As a Consequence of the above, UnaVisions reserves the right to remove any such content from the UnaVisions services at any time and at its sole discretion. It also within UnaVisionsí sole discretion to revoke a user's login/account for violation of the Prohibited Content guidelines and other reasons subject to the Terms of Service

Enforcement of Terms of Service
UnaVisions reserves the right to access any area on UnaVisions Services and may edit, delete, or restrict access to any posted content at its sole discretion, but also to enforce its Terms of Use. UnaVisions is not required to explain why any login was edited, restricted, or deleted.


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